What Hard Water Does to Your Hair

When it comes to concerns about hard water, one of them involves the effect it has on your hair.

Some people don’t understand why their hair texture has changed, despite using the same products over and over again. Unfortunately, they don’t notice the difference that hard water and soft water has on their hair.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is comprised of high mineral content, mostly calcium and magnesium. Even though mineral water does wonders for your internal health, it can be detrimental for your hair.

You must understand that each hair shaft is comprised of little scales, similar to shingles on a roof. Hard water often makes these scales stand up, which results in your hair feeling rough and tangled. Due to how hard water reacts with your hair, it is more difficult to rinse out all of the shampoo or soap. These bath products are less effective in very hard water, since it is reacting with excess minerals.

What Happens When I Switch to Soft Water?

Once to commit yourself to having soft water running through your home, it can reduce all of the adverse effects. Since there will be fewer minerals saturating the water, your shampoo and soaps will be able to effectively lather and penetrate each hair strand. As a result, your hair will be immensely cleaner and will be capable of holding in moisture. In addition to making your hair feel great, it can make your skin feel and look amazing as well!

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