The Difference Between Hard Water & Soft Water on Your Appliances

“Hard water” is the mineral-heavy water that’s often found in municipal water systems. It tends to occur when chalk, magnesium, iron, calcium, and lime seep into the local water supply before it can reach the aquifer. “Soft water,” on the other hand, is water that has been treated to remove minerals and replace them with salt ions. While hard water has no real effect on your health, most people do not like the way it tastes—which is one major reason many install water treatment systems, to that they may enjoy soft water instead. However, what you may not know about is the effects hard water can have on your appliances and fixtures.

At Quality Home Services our Fresno water purification system experts want you to have all the necessary information before you make any decisions. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between hard water and soft water on your appliances, and contact us today for whole home water treatment and testing.

The Link Between Hard Water & Stains

The metallic, blue-green stains that show up around sinks, faucets, and fixtures may be a sign that you have copper or another kind of metal present in your tap water. This often happens when pipes break down overtime, and copper or iron ends up in your water stream. Overly rusty water also indicates a high amount of iron, and may stain your fixtures a brown color. Oxidized iron is good for your body, so small amounts of rust may not be a problem. However, extremely rusty water can start to collect nasty bacteria, and leave your appliances with that unflattering dark-brown color. On top of this, when your plumbing breaks down and minerals start to infect your water, the performance of your equipment tends to suffer, forcing you to use more soap and detergent as well.

With hard water running through your plumbing system and appliances, you may experience:

  • Yellowed or dingy-looking laundry that loses shape and quality more quickly
  • A buildup of scale, iron deposits and soap scum on bathtubs, toilets, sinks and fixtures
  • Dishes that develop spots when drying
  • Increased energy consumption on the part of your appliances
  • A heavy or sticky feeling in your hair after shampooing
  • The need for more frequent repairs, as your appliances may break down quicker
  • Scale and sediment in your water heater, reducing its efficiency
  • Rusted and/or blocked plumbing pipes that need frequent maintenance or repairs

For all the preceding reasons, many people prefer to have their water treated. By filtering out minerals and turning your hard water soft, you may not only be able to enjoy better-tasting water, you may also find that your appliances last longer and work better.

With soft water from a quality water purification system, you may be able to enjoy:

  • An extended lifespan on your drains, piping, and appliances
  • Laundry that is more colorful and doesn’t fall apart as easily
  • Enhanced flavor in food and drinks
  • Brighter hair and softer skin
  • Fewer spots on your dishes
  • Less money spent on soaps and detergent

Call Quality Home Services to Find Out If Your Water Is Hard Today!

With professional water testing from Quality Home Services, you will be able to find out what’s in your water and what kind of filtration system can best benefit your home. Having your water tested is one of the best ways to ensure health and happiness in your house, and to learn about ways you can conserve water and help the environment.

When you call Quality Home Services for professional water testing, we will:

  • Thoroughly test your water to see if it is hard and what minerals are present.
  • Answer any and all questions about what is in your water and what kind of treatment system will best benefit your home.
  • Help you save money on water costs by selecting a filtration system that not only purifies your water but makes water usage more energy efficient.
  • Help you to enjoy great-tasting water for years to come by addressing all your concerns and ensuring your system works properly and efficiently.

Does your water taste hard and metallic? Schedule a free water test today! Dial (800) 985-8103 now for appointments, or contact us online for more information.