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Modern technology has made our homes safer, more dependable, and more efficient than ever before. Different inventions are advancing rapidly, and the plummeting cost of some of these systems makes them more accessible than ever before. Here at Quality Home Services, we’re the leading name in installation, repair, maintenance, and tune-up services for backup generators, home battery systems, water filtration solutions, and even solar energy systems. Our Coarsegold water treatment and generator services have been synonymous with cutting-edge technology and dependable customer service, and for the last 30 years we’ve had the privilege of helping customers just like you make their home a better place to live.

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Water Conditioning Systems

While we’re blessed to have reliable and affordable access to potable water in our homes, you may be surprised to learn that this public water supply isn’t as clean as you think. While it’s perfectly safe to drink or use for things like cooking or cleaning, the only way to ensure truly pure and great-tasting water is with a water conditioning solution. Quality Home Services is proud to offer customized water treatment solutions, including both small-scale and whole-home solutions.

We offer both water softeners and water filtration systems. Water softeners treat water by adding ingredients that neutralize common and naturally-occurring substances. These systems are generally reliable and only require a small amount of maintenance, such as chemical refills or water tests. Water filtration solutions take a different approach—rather than treating substances with other substances, these solutions simply remove those substances altogether. If you’re tired of water spots on your dishes, strange tastes in your food, and skin and hair that feel dry or stiff, a water treatment solution from Quality Home Services can get rid of this problem for good! Below are a few of the benefits you'll receive with a water softener.

Benefits of Water Softeners -

  • Cleaner Hair & Softer Skin -
    With all the extra mineral ions in hard water, it can cause soap not to completely wash out of your hair or off your skin, which will cause soap scum. With a water softener, the hard water minerals are reduced and your can alleviate the effects of it on your body.
  • Cleaner Dishes -
    Dealing with hard water in your home can be annoying, especially when it comes to cleaning your dishes. No matter how well you clean them, your dishes always have a cloudy appearance as soon as they dry. With our water softeners, you can remove those hard water minerals and restore your dishes shine.
  • Saves Money -
    With a water softener, you can save money by not having as many costly repair bills. Water softeners, remove the ion deposits that can buildup in your home's piping and appliances and positively impact how often you need repairs.

We also offer tankless water heater retrofitting and installation. Tankless water heaters help you ditch the obnoxious and unsafe tank that needs replaced every eight years, instead of replacing it with a dependable and limitless supply of energy-efficient hot water. Learn more about the benefits of these systems from one of our representatives today!

Air Purification

Homeowners are often shocked to learn that the air in their home is far worse than the air outside—up to ten times worse in many cases. In a state that is known for having poor quality air, like California, that means the air in your home could be packed with things like dust and debris, pollen, bacteria and germs, and so much more. All of these factors could contribute to things like itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, or even serious issues like asthma or emphysema. Your air may also be packed with odors that have become undetectable to your nose, but stick out like a sore thumb to your guests.

At Quality Home Services, our air purification solutions are uniquely designed to fit your life. Do you suffer from asthma or severe allergies? We can help. Looking for an easy-to-use way of improving your indoor air? We’ve got the solution for you. Our indoor air quality experts can help with everything from filtration and purification solutions to humidity control. We even offer solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing heating and cooling system for the ultimate in functionality and convenience.

Backup Generators

Rolling blackouts are unfortunately a new part of life for Californians. When a wildfire breaks out, people all around the state could find themselves without power as utility companies shut down the grid—sometimes for as long as several days at a time. A standby generator is the ideal solution to this issue. Running on a continuous supply of natural gas, these systems provide you with enough power to keep your lights and most important appliances running so a power outage doesn’t have to consume your life.

We also offer battery backup systems, including the immensely popular Tesla Powerwall. These systems allow you to collect and store power for when you need it, including during power outages or even to avoid costly peak-time hours. This investment could save you a huge amount of money on your monthly electrical costs!

Learn more about these and the other great solutions we can provide your home with! Contact Quality Home Services today.

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