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Quality Home Services is the leading name in Madera and across Northern California when it comes to providing your home with modern technology systems. We offer installation, maintenance, tune-up, and repair services for water conditioning and treatment systems, backup generators and home batteries, air purification solutions, and even solar energy systems. For the last 30 years, we’ve been committed to meeting the needs of our community, and today we’re proud to bring your home up to the cutting edge of 21st-century technology.

All of our services are held to the highest quality, including the customer experience you receive. Each of our technicians is highly-trained, friendly, and will offer you the finest customer service available. Our goal is to make your home more efficient, more convenient, and more eco-friendly.

Start future-proofing your home and get the latest in home comfort technology! Call Quality Home Services at (800) 985-8103 today.

Water Conditioning Systems

The water coming from your tap isn’t as pure as you think. While it’s safe for household use, the only way to ensure pure and great-tasting water is with a top-quality water conditioning system. Quality Home Services offers several different makes, models, and styles, each coming from a dependable and recognized name-brand with a long history of producing quality products.

We offer both water softener systems as well as water filtration solutions. Water softener systems add substances to water to reduce or eliminate the “hard water” tendencies that public water often has. On the other hand, water filtration physically removes these included substances using a series of different filtration media. If you’re tired of lime buildup on showerheads and plumbing devices, water spots on your dishes after you run the dishwasher, and skin and hair that feel stiff and dry, hard water could very well be the cause. Quality Home Services is here to help you get rid of this problem for good!

We also offer a selection of tankless water heaters. Tired of waiting for the water heater to refill after the family takes their morning showers? Ditch the obnoxious and unsafe tank and enjoy the limitless supply of energy-efficient hot water that a tankless water heater can supply. Learn about the benefits of installing one of these systems by calling today.

Air Purification

Did you know that the average American household can have air that’s up to ten times worse than the quality of the air outside? Poor indoor air quality causes everything from allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes, to dry skin and hair, to serious issues like asthma. Your air may also contain a number of household odors that have become undetectable to you over time but are incredibly strong to anybody who comes to visit.

The air purification solutions at Quality Home Services are uniquely designed to fit your life and your air quality needs. Suffer from high amounts of dust and airborne debris? We’ve got a solution for that, including some that integrate seamlessly into your already-existing heating and cooling systems. Suffer from mold or pollen issues? Our UV filtration lamps scrub the air in your home and neutralize these threats so they can’t continue to spread or grow. We encourage you to contact our team today and learn more about how we can help you improve your indoor air quality and live a healthier and more comfortable life!

Backup Generators

Power outages are a regular part of life in California now. Every time a wildfire begins, utility companies can shut the power off, sometimes for up to several days at a time. Stay ahead of the blackouts with an emergency generator system! We’re proud to offer generator systems of all sizes from Generac and other leading name brands.

We also offer battery backup systems, including the immensely popular Tesla Powerwall. Take advantage of the ability to save power for when you need it most, including avoiding costly peak-use hours. One of these systems could help you save immensely on your monthly electric bills.

To find out more about any of these great technologies we offer, contact Quality Home Services today.

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