What's the Lifespan of a Solar System?

If you are like many California homeowners, you are probably thinking of ways you can save money on your electricity bills during those scorching summer months. Solar power is a wonderful green alternative energy source than can help homeowners save money while also encouraging renewable energy solutions.

As solar becomes more affordable with financing and rental options, many homeowners have become interested in the benefits of installing these devices. Despite their affordability, solar panels are still a large investment, which is why many of our Fresno solar panel installation customers are curious about how long they last.

At Quality Home Services, we offer SunPower® solar panels. SunPower® solar panel technology offers better, longer lasting and more efficient solar products. Convention solar panels can corrode and break over time but SunPower® solar panels are made with a solid copper foundation, a pure silicon power converter, and no grid lines on the front of the cell. By eliminating the grid lines, our Maxeon cells are able to absorb more sunlight while also providing an elegant sleek appearance. Other solar panel cells typically last about 30 years, but some of our Maxeon solar panels are still going strong after 45 years.

Not only do our solar panel cells last longer, but also SunPower® solar systems are backed by one of the longest manufacturer warranties on the market. In the unlikely event your solar panels are underperforming or failing, you are covered under warranty for 25 years.

Ready to Invest in Green, Renewable Energy?

The team at SunPower® by Quality Home Services has been providing solar options for the Fresno, Merced, Bakersfield, Modesto, Chowchilla and Tulare areas for over thirty years. We strive to provide the best Fresno solar panels for our customers, which is why we offer SunPower® products. If you are ready to invest in cleaner, renewable energy, contact our offices to request your free estimate. Call (800) 985-8103!