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Do Water Softeners Remove Important Minerals?
Do Water Softeners Remove Important Minerals?

One of the popular myths about water softeners is that they remove minerals and nutrients which are essential for our bodies; however, that is not the case at all. Water Softeners Do Not Remove Important Minerals & Nutrients More than 85 percent of homes in the United States ...

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  • What Should I Do if My Water Softener Smells?

    My Water Softener Tank Stinks! No matter the manufacturer, any water softener tank may start to smell bad if it becomes infested with sulfur bacteria. ...

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  • Why You Might Need to Upgrade Your Water Filter

    Having a water treatment system in your home cleans the water which comes out of your faucet, so you don’t have to worry about the damaging effects of ...

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  • What Hard Water Does to Your Hair

    When it comes to concerns about hard water, one of them involves the effect it has on your hair. Some people don’t understand why their hair texture ...

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  • How Can Soft Water Save You Money?

    One of the concerns for people interested in buying a water softener is that will it save money. After installation costs, our customers are happy to ...

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  • Do I Need To Get A Water Softener?

    At Quality Home Services, our expert staff understands the multiple benefits of soft water . However, it is estimated that around 85% of US homes have ...

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  • What Are Some Advantages Of Conditioned Water?

    At Quality Home Services , we understand that there is always constant concern about our water supplies containing a plethora of contaminants such as ...

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  • Hard Water vs. Soft Water

    Water becomes “hard” when there is a high concentration of minerals dissolved in the water. Because water mixes easily with other types of liquid and ...

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