Why Get Your Water Quality Tested?

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Why Get Your Home’s Water Quality Tested?

In 1974, the US Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act, setting standards for the public water supply, and since then, regulations have only improved—with the EPA testing for the presence and amount of over 90 different contaminants in public drinking water in order to lower risks of waterborne illness. Despite these standards, there can be a few reasons to get your water quality tested by a trusted professional. Our team at Quality Home Services is sharing 6 reasons you might want to have a skilled technician analyze your water.

5 reasons to have a professional test your water quality:

  1. You notice scaly residue, stains, or soap scum on dishes and clothes: Hard water indicates a higher than usual presence of Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium. While this doesn’t affect your health, it can lead to limescale buildup, causing a strain on your appliances and pipes.
  2. The smell or taste of your water has changed: If your water is starting to smell or taste objectionable, it could indicate metals or sulfides in your water.
  3. Your water seems cloudy: Cloudy water can indicate multiple issues, from hard water to the presence of color or detergents, so a test will more accurately diagnose the issue.
  4. Pipes have been corroded: While pipes are durable, nothing lasts forever, so if your pipes have begun to deteriorate, it could cause contaminants to mix with your water supply.
  5. Gas drilling, intensive agriculture, mining, factory, or dry-cleaning operations nearby: Large scale industrial or agricultural operations can increase the likelihood of nitrates, pesticides, VOCs, and metals in your water supply.

Whether you are concerned about hard water or interested in learning how you can improve your water conservation efforts, starting a personalized water treatment plan with a detailed water analysis is the most effective way to address your concerns and give you the ultimate peace of mind.

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