American Lung Association: 2019 State of the Air Fails Fresno & California

Have you been feeling out of breath while in your own home? Whenever you go into the heart of Fresno, do you find yourself coughing, sniffling, or sneezing? It isn’t in your imagination, says the American Lung Association® (ALA).

According to the recently released “ALA: 2019 State of the Air” report, Fresno – and most of California – fails air breathability and air quality tests. Unfortunately, this is not exactly new information. The city of Fresno and the state of California have consistently ranked among some of the absolute worst in the nation for years now. In many ways, the longer Fresno is listed with poor air quality, the more difficult it becomes to get the air clean and comfortably breathable.

Fresno’s grades given by the ALA 2019 State of the Air report:

  • High ozone days: F
  • Particle pollution concentration: F

Groups identified to be at risk of health issues due to poor air quality in Fresno:

  • Elders: 118,527 people
  • Children with asthma: 17,483 people
  • Adults with asthma: 55,536 people
  • COPD patients: 30,071 people

(To see California’s full report card on air quality, you can click here to view the official American Lung Association report, which lists various counties across the state.)

How You Can Clean Your Whole Home’s Air

Using the American Lung Association’s research and data, it is clear that there is an air quality issue in Fresno. To protect yourself and your family from harmful contaminants in the air – like dust, allergens, pollen, pet dander, etc. – you should power up with a HealthWay Deluxe home air purification system.

This unique air purifier uses multiple layers of filters to capture a proven 99.99% of air particles larger than 0.02 microns. The power of the HealthWay Deluxe allows it to purify large spaces, even entire homes. Plus, it runs whisper-quiet so you can leave it working 24/7 and not worry about it keeping you up at night with a loud hum.

To learn more about the HealthWay Deluxe air purifier and how it can clean the bad Fresno air in your home, call (800) 985-8103 and speak with a professional from Quality Home Services today!

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