How Drought Hurts Your Power

A shortage of water means a shortage of electricity as hydroelectricity plants struggle to produce power. This puts further strain on an already weak power grid. Take steps to protect your power!

We are seeing an ever-growing need for residents to protect their homes from rolling blackouts. Between California wildfires threatening power shutoffs and a crumbling utility grid during the summer heat, the state is facing another shortage that connects all western states: hydroelectricity.

Drought has visibly caused water levels to become very low, forcing hydroelectric plants to operate at low levels. Although California is home to eight major plants, it still pulls hydroelectric power from other areas like Washington and Nevada in order to serve millions of residents in California. For example, the Hoover Dam allots as much as 50% of its production to Southern California alone, an area of more than 20 million people that needs as much power as it can find. Shortage of water means shortage of electric production and this year facilities are seeing their output drop to as low as 30% of its 10-year average. This has other states like Washington apprehensive about sharing their power with other states while they are still in need of providing for their own.

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Less electricity going into California puts a strain on the existing power structure and threatens to cause more frequent blackouts. This puts California residents at risk of losing essentials like air conditioning and even medical equipment. These losses are not ideal during California’s hot summers. Other negative impacts can include a disabled home alarm system, hundreds of dollars in food lost to lack of refrigeration, and more.

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