Indoor Air Quality

Man Replacing Filter

Video Transcription:

We’ve talked about the potential harm with outside air, but how many times have we thought about indoor air quality?

When outdoor air gets inside your home it can become 4x more contaminated.

It actually ends up trapping not only the air pollution from outside.

But the indoor dander, volatile compounds like cleaning supplies, and airborne mold, bacteria and viruses.

We experience unhealthy air quality on a daily basis but we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, indoor air quality is crucially vital to your home & family.

With poor air quality & air pollution surrounding us on a daily basis you can protect the air in your home with a HealthWay Deluxe medical grade air purifcation system. These systems are designed to clean the air you breathe, giving you and your family peace of mind while you’re at home.

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