A Brighter Future with Solar Begins Today

Forbes Magazine recently wrote an article about the industries that will be disrupted most completely by market changes due to the coronavirus. First on that list? Solar stocks. They called it a “death knell” for oil-based energy. With America now getting three times the power from clean energy than it did in 2008, the country is poised and ready to fulfill consumer demand.

The cost to produce solar energy has plummeted 90% since 2009, and we are now living in a world where solar power is cheaper than oil. The implications of how this could accelerate an already energetic move toward renewable energy is truly astounding.

Why Should I Get Solar Now?

Starting your journey with solar comes with a wide range of benefits.

You can benefit from getting started right now because:

  • Electricity prices are only going to go up: As older forms of energy continue to destabilize and everything moves more toward clean energy, energy prices are going to keep being volatile. When you incorporate solar energy into your everyday life, you can get off of that carousel for good.
  • Summer always represents huge energy usage: With the summer heat comes a near-constant use of AC systems and fans, which means a spike in energy usage across the board. Not only is this taxing on the utility company, it can result in brown outs. You can save money and continue enjoying reliable power with solar!
  • You can support local businesses: It is no secret that the current crisis with COVID-19 has impacted people across every industry. When you choose to install solar, you are contributing to local companies and helping them to stay afloat. Even better, solar installation is something that can easily be accomplished without having to worry about coming in close contact with anyone!
  • Rebates, incentives, and tax credits are still available: Though solar does represent a non-trivial upfront investment, there are still several ways that you can defray the cost, and the subsequent energy savings will usually pay for itself inside of 10 years.

To learn more about how to get started, call SunPower® by Quality Home Services today at (800) 985-8103. We are always here to help!